Maximum Weight

What is the upper weight limit for zipliners?

Note: This website is not the official site for Las Vegas Zipline branded as Slotzilla and may not have the most updated information. Therefore, the actual limit posted at the attraction takes precedence. Periodically, following safety inspections and other guidelines, this limit could be raised or lowered with no advance notice. On the Flightlinez Zipline the weight limit was 250 pounds. At the time of this writing Slotzilla is not yet open, so official limits are not available.

Fremont Street Zipline The rumored weight limit for the new line is 300 pounds, and there will be someone with a scale to make that measurement, so you may or may not want to try this out if you approach the limit. Supposedly 60 pounds is the lower limit for kids who want to fly, but you will want to check with the official site for all the rules, regulations, and waivers. In fact, with the old attraction you got cheaper repeat visits owing to the fact that you didn't have to fill out the waiver again.

Safety Reason For Limits

While any zipline attraction naturally would have a much higher weight limit there are several reasons for restricting access. At a certain weight, the lines would sag to the extent that the zipliner would slow down or even stop before reaching the end point. This could delay future riders. Also, any strains on the cables or mounting equipment could lead to progressive failures later. Furthermore, in some cases excessive weight means excessive speed, so the opposite of stopping (reaching the end while still speeding) would not result in a positive outcome.

How close are you to the weight limits?

If you are bound and determined to ride, and close to the limits, make sure you aren't wearing heavy clothing and shoes.