Slotzilla Pricing

Attraction Opening Soon

The Las Vegas Zipline known as "Slotzilla at the Fremont Street Experience" is reported to cost $20 for the zip line, $30 for the zoom line, or $40 for both, according to Takeoff is from a nearly 130 foot platform that looks like a big slot machine. There are two levels, one a 70 foot and the other a 110 foot height. At night, the overhead display promises a dazzling ride for those lucky enough to go during one of the periodic shows, otherwise the famous lights of the downtown casino row will have to suffice.

Las Vegas Zipline The cost of a zipline ride in Las Vegas, especially when considering the reputed eleven million dollar attraction price, obviously needs to be high enough to pay back the operating costs as well as monies borrowed to finance construction. Notably the line also is used to bring more visitors to the Fremont Street Experience, so some of the cost may be borne by the member hotels and casinos which rely on publicity to stay in business. The revitalization of Fremont Street as an attraction has allowed the "old" Las Vegas to stay alive despite the opening of mega-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip and the "station" casinos that cater to locals or budget travelers.

Better Odds, Lower Limits

Fremont Street is seen as something of a bargain destination given that the machines may be older, table limits may be lower, and the drinks are cheaper. This is to say that you don't have quite so many bachelorette parties and body-spray wolf packs on Fremont, but so what? Not everybody wants to pay top dollar for gambling and entertainment, and the amount of fun you have should not be limited by what you can spend.

Hotels and Casinos With Low Room Rates

Your ride on Slotzilla might actually cost more than a nightly rate at some Fremont Street hotel rooms, and that's OK. Unlike Strip casinos which may price higher just to keep out the riff-raf, Fremont hotels are often affordable to travelers who would expect to pay more for rooms in their hometowns. Downstairs, there is still 24 hour gambling and a party atmosphere. Casino rewards programs and dining choices still give you a top grade experience to go with your zipline ride, and the street also offers move theaters, outdoor bars, and attractions like Neonopolis. If you want to see the Strip, the Deuce bus can take you there even if your lack of sobriety cannot.