Replaces Flightlinez

Delays Push Back Opening from 2013 to 2014

The Slotzilla Zipline is not open at the time of this writing but appears to be very far along, considering the big slot machine-style edifice at the end of Fremont Street. Enthusiasts are waiting to make their Las Vegas Reservations once the line is entirely ready, given that the multi-level line stands out from the original Flightlinez attraction which has been so popular.

Slotzilla The Slotzilla (which replaces FlightLinez) promises two rides in one, at different heights, and at different speeds. Whether you want to go 850 or 1100 feet, or want to ride on your own gravity in a "chair" position vs. the "Superman" style, you can get what you want for between $20 and $40..

Look Out Above

Frequent travelers to the Fremont Street Experience will know about the zippy sound of people riding overhead during the lightshows and at all other times. The original zipline, which utilized more temporary structures, has been replaced with a more permanent and longer attraction designed to create buzz while it gives riders a good time.

Comparison to Other Attractions

Other ziplines take people across canyons, between buildings, or just down a mountain. They can be a lot of fun, but they don't compare to going down a canyon of blinking lights, overhead audiovisual shows, and above thousands of land-stranded pedestrians. Mana a GoPro Camera will be recording High Definition YouTube videos of the flight above the throng of partygoing tourists, street hawkers, celebrity impersonators, and those guys who make things that look like planets on pieces of metal while smelling up the street with spray paint. Oh, and you will be above the people with cigars, wandering drunks, and colliding folks who look up while walking.